Without tango, there is no bordello   3 comments

At the height of the summer season, the Attorney General of the resort city of Mar del Plata, 250 miles south of Buenos Aires, has received complains about sexual exploitation and forced servitude of women and adolescents in ten brothels of that city. Testimonies and the evidences were filmed by hidden cameras.

Three brothels working under the pretenses of being a dance hall or a drinking hole, with names like “Friend’s,” and “Tequila,” were also identified by patrons as a place where drugs are sold. The other seven are openly promoted as brothels in street handbills and paid advertising in a local newspaper.

According to the video recordings, in some locals the young women are forced to provide sexual favors 24 hours a day, without being able to step out the locked grated doors. In all the cases it is a pimp who collects from the “client,” pocketing at least half of the money. According to many taxi drivers, the women are rotated through different brothels and cities (many come from Paraguay, Brazil and the Dominican Republic); and in almost all the establishments there are underage girls.

American born detective Sherlock Gomez, a well known Internet expert in tango history, and author of the much quoted bible of tango styles, vacationing in Mar del Plata, offered his services to the owners of the affected businesses, guaranteeing that the charges about operating a bordello were without merit.

Responding to a question by a reporter about how he can be so certain about that, Sherlock replied,
“I have been to all ten establishments in question, and not a single woman wanted to dance tango. That can’t possible be a bordello.”

Based on a real story published by daily La Nacion on 1/25/10

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3 responses to “Without tango, there is no bordello

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  1. Really nice punchline. But the rest of the story is upsetting.

    • Exploitation of women is always very upsetting but it goes on rampantly every day.
      Perhaps those who love to repeat tall tales about tango being born at the bordellos could realize how disgusting it is to exploit women and tango.

      • I am grateful you put it so clearly. Some months back, I responded to the new trend of Naked Tango events with an article on my (German) blog. Of course, the organiser tried to shut me up by pointing to the “romantic” roots of Tango as an expression of the exchange between whore and pimp and/or suitors. It made me reject the idea even more, not less.

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