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The three little pigs

By Alberto Paz
January 1998

One night Larry ran into Michael and Jay at a suburban milonga and as it always happens, their tango experiences immediately took center stage in the realm of their self indulgent conversation. The subject of boleos, always an advanced topic among P-types was brought up and Jay, who’s never figured out why he has one mouth and two ears proclaimed his disregard for ganchos as a “show only” figure. He had seen many gentle ganchos with the feet staying on the ground, the swerving foot quite close to the standing foot, and even some very energetic ones where the two legs stay together from top to toe during the entire gancho. Pausing just enough to grasp some air Jay winked at the other two and shared that the latter gancho can hardly be said to be dangerous, and it consumes zero floor space but the most noticeable thing for the audience is the smile on the follower’s face when done well.

Visibly uncomfortable with facing the embarrassing task to having to correct Jay, Michael chose to tell Larry that it was great to see him at their recent milonga. Yes, Larry had a great time and he wanted to emphasize how impressed he was with the dancing level of the followers up there. One could only imagine the musical crescendo in Michael’s imaginative, almost cinema verite mind as he saw himself being the carrier of good tidings to the gentle followers of his community. You know gang, he would write, you know how Larry has very discriminating tastes because he does not ask many women to dance other than his steady partner. Michael was sure that the tangueras would really appreciate this remark. Gee weez, for Larry to say this, by George, it is a great compliment to our tangueras.

Mary Ann would shut down her successful law practice for the day; Mary Belle would forgo taking advantage of the market volatility in the Asian financial markets and she would also join the rest of the tangueras leaving their successful daytime careers to go party at Stinky’s, the fashionable espresso bar and once a week tango’ s center of the universe. Perrier would flow freely that night, and as each one would take turns to re-read the news sent by Michael, they would cheer, give themselves high fives and pat each other on the back. Michael’s imagination went on the blink when the eclectic deejay attacked with Sally Potter’s rendition of Milonga Triste. The three little pigs dashed onto the dance floor and proceeded to outdo each other with extraordinary maneuvers and elaborated gestures.

The music ended and for a moment the ensuing of ecstasy seemed to suspend the progression of time. Flor de Mina, who had been listening to the entire exchange, walked up to the guys with the humble strut of a beginner. Excuse me, she said, being a beginner as I am, I could not help but listening to what you folks had to say. That was quite a dance, wasn’t it? she offered provoking a smug look on their faces. But I have a question though, aren’t you guys suppose to dance with a partner?