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The sunshine has begun to permeate everything in the San Francisco Bay Area. As with many things in life, we take tanguero’s paradise for granted and go on with our self-involved lives, worrying about not having enough time to make it to the Friday night milongas, or what sole to wear to Ruvano’s on Saturday as if really cared, or somehow expected our shoes and our tango attire not to be covered by the nasty dust that some mysterious spirit scatters on the floor the day before the mother of the Bay Area milongas takes place on Sutter Street on the odd Saturdays of the month.

Summertime is near, we can smell it in the air. The bougainvillea is blooming, the birds are singing, the local milongueras are showing more flesh, and yes, the favorite topic of conversation is how to bet the summertime blues. June, July and August offer excellent tango camps in Columbus, OH, Palo Alto, CA, and Sunnyvale, CA. I write this with nostalgia because it was a year ago at Stanford that I found a fork in the road and I took it.

Six years earlier, Raul and Nora Dinzelbacher had dropped in at a vintage dancing event at Robles Studio to show tango fantasia to Richard Powers and his group. Soon after that, Stanford Week was born. Raul passed away in an untimely manner and never got to see what he and his bride had started.

This year Nora returns to Stanford along with Daniel Trenner and Rebecca Shulman, Nito and Elba, Danel and Maria, Esther and Mingo Pugliese, Jorge Torres and septuagenarian Juan Bruno, the Ciudadela Kid. I still remember Juan Bruno stories about seeds and where we all come from, which brought tears to name newcomers to the tango world. People I spoken to, seem to feel it is important to move to the next level.

The business of tango has grown exponentially and the city seems to have become a revolving door for teachers and masters who visit and leave behind their brand of basics and caminadas. In 1995 Richard Powers took a dramatic stand acknowledging the futility of insisting on tango fantasia workshops when the locals have been jamming the dance floors Chez Louis, Ruvano’s, BA tango Connection, etc. to dance tango socially.

This year the trend of bringing the basics to the masses continues with a field of inspirational teachers capable of getting excited the multi level crowds that have been filling Roble Studios for two weeks every summer for the last five years. How lucky those who will get to experience for the first, second or maybe the third time the beauty of Stanford campus in July.

The sunny and airy main studio opening into a Spanish courtyard and the holiday spirit that transcends in all hearts for five moons. If I could catch your eyes I would tell that that is beginner’s luck!

Posted October 2, 2011 by Alberto & Valorie in Tangazos

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