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Sometimes when people dear to to me become the target of some lunatic’s hysterical outburst because we’ve decided to reach out to more people, or when a good fiend calls to apologize because she can’t freely associate with me because her employer has an axe to grind with me, I regret finding the tango so late in my life.

As an adult, the learning process has been methodical, reasonable and logical. That is why I find these obnoxious self appointed tango authorities’s temper tantrums deplorable and lacking respect for the discipline they profess to care so much about.

The more and more I let this pastime become an obsession, it has also become a way a way of life. Come to think about it, more than regretting finding the tango, I suspect the lucky draw that made me be born in Argentina. Being a native I grew up with a tribal sense of loyalty to tradition, family and friends and an arrogant and fanatic nationalistic pride and a jumbo size ego. Imagine the disappointment when I found out that God was not Argentine not to mention Gardel and Julio Sosa. I eventually got over that. Nowadays I don’t mind seeing the blue and white being used as a tablecloth at a milonga, to see people dancing to Gardel, to watch mature persons refusing to age with grace, to witness how some compatriots allow themselves to be used as pets, toys or circus acts, or to be considered an adversary by those who use the tango as a way to feel powerful and exert control over others. The flag is a piece of cloth that even gets burned in the name of freedom i more developed countries.

Gardel sings better every day and soon he might be moving to your neighborhood to teach people how to smile like Miguel Zotto. As for some graceful aging, this is a free country. On the subject of some compatriots who are being used (or do the using themselves), a high index of unemployment in Buenos Aires and the perspective to travel abroad to earn some dollars are far more compelling than the traditional Argentine pride and arrogance, which in some cases are left at home or at best they are reserved for their own countrymen abroad.

What is left is controversy that incites intense conversations. So, go ahead and discuss it. As far as I am concerned, I will continue to trust and respect the freedom to choose that everybody has. I choose to cultivate and take good care of my friends. I choose to protect and love my family. With them I expect to continue learning and enjoying the tango, because tango is also my friend, I love it and it is part of my family. You could say that I’m a fanatic about freedom, family, and friends.

Posted October 2, 2011 by Alberto & Valorie in Tangazos

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