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Kely Posadas

Kely Lamdan

We mourn the loss of another ambassador of the Argentine tango milongas around the world. An unassuming woman, an all around lady, and a loyal partner of Facundo Posadas, Kely had been struggling with lung cancer for the last two years. She finally lost the battle in the early hours of April 27.

She is survived by two sons, Fabian and Eduardo, from a previous marriage. She had ended the partnership with Facundo some time after their last US visit in 2007. She had just celebrated her 69th birthday on December 24, 2008.

Facundo and Kely visited the USA for their first time on July of 1997. For a personal account of the Kely we knew, click HERE.

Posted May 11, 2009 by Alberto & Valorie in IN MEMORY OF

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  1. Cara Kely ti voglio bene e ricordo la tua simpatia, il tuo spirito pungente e l’amore profondo per il tuo grande compagno Facundo – mi sei mancata molto, mi manca la tua ironia e il tuo esempio di tanghera ti mando un forte abbraccio MG

    Maria Grazia da Napoli

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